I’m the author of Single Mom Seeking (Seal Press). 20th Century Fox optioned my dating disasters for a TV comedy show. Single moms are still my superheroes. I still want hearts to heal. That’s why I write about parenting, the environment, family, relationships, sustainability, and kids.


I was 21 when a newspaper in Connecticut hired me as a reporter. After covering my share of city council and school board meetings, I moved to the Czech Republic and wrote for The Prague Post, Since then, I’ve written for The Washington Post, The New York Times, Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, and Parents, and more. 


My clients, like me, want to create change in the world. I love to connect and collaborate. I love to help people communicate what they want to say. I’ve been hired as a reporter, a blogger, a ghostwriter, a copywriter, and a developmental editor. If you need a writer to get the words down, let’s talk.