If you have a story, I can help you tell it.

If you need a story, I can help you find it.

I've been hired to write books, articles, blog posts, Tweets... and even online dating profiles.

Scroll down to read my essays and perspectives in The Washington Post, The New York Times, Family Circle, ParentsRavishly, and more.

Past and present clients include:

Barnes & Noble
Common Sense Media
Blue Shield
Seal Press
Weldon Owen


I currently write for Mighty Forces, a company that helps women tell their stories. We help women talk about what they do for a living — your professional stories. 

I work with the founder, Amanda Hirsch, to help you distill what you do, and more deeply, what you stand for — into a single sentence, or tag line. 

Amanda is a rock star at coming up with tag lines; I love making your LinkedIn profile shine. Together we believe that our stories are our identities; we help women feel better about the stories they tell about themselves.

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I’m one of the founding editors of Literary Mama, and wrote a column for two years about dating as a single mom.