This is a photo of Rachel Sarah.
Photo credit: Katherine Briccetti

10 Facts about Me (because I love lists!): 

  1. I write because this is the most decisive time in history to confront the climate crisis.
  2. I was born in Berkeley, CA, and after moving and working around the world for a decade, I’m back home.
  3. I went to Reed College in Portland, OR, dropped out, and got my journalism degree from The New School in New York City.
  4. One of my first jobs was teaching English in La Paz, Mexico.
  5. I became a news reporter when I was 21.
  6. I’ve since written for dozens of publications, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, Family CircleParents, and POPSUGAR.
  7. I had my first daughter in NYC, and I was a solo mom for a decade until I met a sweet guy at a friend’s book launch. My second daughter was born almost exactly 12 years after my first. (They are both Aries and both dragons!) Solo moms are forever my heroes.
  8. I’m a band geek who plays the alto sax. 
  9. I love what author Angie Thomas said in an interview with The Washington Post: “Young people have some of the most powerful voices in this country. You just have to start listening.”
  10. I believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give is an open, loving heart.